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PARCC Participation Corrective Action Plan

The government requires that in any districts receiving federal funds for Title I have at least 95% of their students participating in state testing. This 95% requirement applies to each subgroup within each school.  Thus, at each school, the participation rate is considered for each separate group including minorities, students with special needs, students at different economic levels, students of different genders, and so on.  Failure to meet the requirement for any one of these subgroups could disqualify the district from receiving those federal funds.

New legislation also penalizes district scores for any subgroup that fails to meet the 95% participation rate.  In each of those groups, the tests for any students above the 5% accepted rate for non-participation rate are counted as scores of zero and calculated into the district results. This can potentially have a significant negative impact for the district.

For the first PARCC administration, in the 2014-2015 school year, the district failed for the first time ever to meet the federal participation requirement.  As a result, Lumberton was expected to design a corrective action plan in order to increase the percentage of students taking the PARCC test in 2016.

The participation rate has increased for each subsequent year.